The Great City

Welcome to The Great City, a sprawling metropolis filled with diversity, intrigue and action. Once a small settlement founded as a gathering spot for the region’s diverse tribes, the small cove and surrounding valley proved an ideal place for settlers and religious missionaries. These simple folk named themselves Azindraleans after the lands they came from. As time passed, a band of conquerors came from across the seas. Calling themselves the Kortezians, they brought with them a rich culture of law, martial prowess and technological advances unseen by the native Azindraleans. The Kortezians easily conquered and subjugated the Azindraleans, colonizing the settlement and over several hundred years transforming it into a teeming port city. Then civil war abroad, pulled the Kortezians from the lands, leaving the Great City to fend for itself for several decades during which time it developed into a powerful and independent city state. Eventually, the Kortezian war ended and the emperor soon turned his sights back towards his colonies overseas. While the Kortezians met with much resistance, they eventually overpowered the Azindraleans and again assumed the mantle of control, but just barely.

It is now thirty years after the reoccupation. While tensions have settled down quite a bit, relations between the two peoples remain strained. On many levels, culturally, economically, and spiritually, its citizens are still divided. The division manifests onto six very distinct wards under the loose rule of Lord Erasmus VI, the emperor’s son. An ineffectual wretch too eager to prove himself, Erasmus’s power hangs precariously at the edge of a dozen eager blades that seek his disposal.

Out of the Abyss